Trend: I want S’more Please

It is starting to feel a lot like summer and we just celebrated Summer Solstice on Wednesday. I didn’t grow up camping but do enjoy the smell of campfires and grills which aside for good BBQ makes me reminisce about making those perfectly toasted, slightly burnt, s’mores at neighborhood block parties. After working at Mars chocolate I have definitely learned to appreciate using better chocolate than Hershey’s to elevate those melty sweet treats. In NYC the toasted marshmallow is still there but S’mores are being served up in new forms.

1. Dominique Ansel– Frozen S’more, West Village (Map)

While this bakery is far better known for the invention of the cronut, the genius combination of the croissant and donut which very difficult to get a hold of. A pro tip if you know you HAVE to get this month’s flavor pre-order two weeks a head of time, you will thank me later. But we are here to talk about the Frozen s’more which is torched to order. I have to say, I wasn’t sure how I felt about a cold s’more. I have always been used to the ooey gooey toasted marshmallow and stick and lucky for me that is exactly how this was served!IMG_20161130_073449@Dominiqueansel

It is an experience to eat one of these. I was a bit disappointed the marshmallow was more of a fluff (jar marshmallow) consistency. It was nice that it all fit in the little square but a little too sweet. And you have to eat it very quickly!

2. Dulcinea– S’more Hot Chocolate, currently Smorgasburg (Map)

So technically it is not hot chocolate weather anymore… but I couldn’t leave this off the list because of how visually appealing and tasty it was! So way back when, it was freezing cold and there was snow on the ground I stumbled upon this very popular stall at Bryant Park’s Winter Village. And while they were serving up churros like nobody’s business it was this little sign that said S’mores hot chocolate that caught my eye. As you can see the marshmallows were overflowing and they also torched these babies right in front of me (part of the experience). So Dulcinea is currently at Smorg and they don’t have the hot chocolate anymore but the do have churro ice cream sandwiches, and donuts.


I’m a chocolate lover and this hot chocolate did not disappoint. And the star was of course the mini marshmallows, although I was missing the graham cracker aspect a little bit. They also have a Mexican chocolate version, but I will have to wait till next winter to try it.

3.Wafels & Dinges– S’mores Waffle, Alphabet City (Map)

This is a beloved food cart that finally has a store front. Wafels & Dinges got it’s fame from battling Bobby Flay with their spekuloos (cookie butter) and whipped cream waffle. I really enjoy that you can customize your waffles with all the dinges (toppings) offered. I was immediately drawn to a special creation they already had on the menu, S’mores. And they used Belgium chocolate, marshmallows, and that famous spekuloos spread, delicious!


These waffles are always a little messy to eat and this one was no exception. I have enjoyed many of their waffles around town and the s’mores one is definitely up there in my favorites. I appreciate them using good Belgium chocolate and any excuse to spekuloos is a good enough reason for me.

I want s’more reasons to eat s’mores. Do you have any?


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