Trend: Savory Donuts are A Thing

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Homer Simpson stuffing his face with pink iced donuts with sprinkles is what comes to mind when I think of a donut. But now that I am back in the NYC area, I am noticing this sweet donut isn’t the only kind around. There are stuffed donuts, cake donuts, yeast donuts, donut ice cream sandwiches and the list goes on. Although, the ones catching my eye recently are of the savory variety and I am not mad about it

1. Flex Mussels– Everything Donut- West Village (Map)

This is a restaurant that you go to when you crave seafood. They of course have amazing mussels and oysters. But a true fan, or observant patron, will know that the real treat at Flex mussels is their famous Everything Donut. This not your regular everything bagel except the base is a donut instead of a bagel. Their creation is stuffed with cream cheese frosting and of course has the undeniable Everything seasoning that you know and love topped with green onions.


I think these donuts a good for any part of the meal, at brunch, dinner or for those that don’t want a super sweet dessert these donuts are great. I like that they are just pockets full of goodness and the soft texture is so comforting

2. Clinton Hall/ The Doughnut Project– Jalapeno glazed grilled cheese donut and tomato soup- West Village (Map)

Unfortunately this was a limited time collaboration at Clinton Hall with The Doughnut Project that has passed. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these babies on the last day it was offered. Before eating this my mind was a combination of- I love grilled cheese and tomato soup and I really love donuts but… how are these two things going to actually taste good together? I was happily surprised that the experience was very much like dipping a grilled cheese, hanging on a hook, into a bowl of tomato soup. The couple differences was the sweet glaze of the donut and the kick from the jalapeno.

IMG_20170415_195857_877@clintonhall ny@thedoughnutproject

I wish they were still serving this creation. I know so many people that would love to have this on the regular. It is a heavy meal, I was not able to finish it by myself. The donut acting as the bread did make a big difference and filled me up quicker. There was lots of cheese in the middle had it had that divine crust from all that butter on the griddle.

3. Forbidden Donuts– Foie Gras and Chocolate Donut with gold leave- Chelsea Market (Map)

I love donuts and jumped at the chance to go to Time Out NY’s Donut Fest this summer. I had never heard of such a thing, and there was no way I was going to miss the event! Now, there were a lot of donuts to get through in less than 2 hours but for me there was a clear star in the room that even twinkled in the light. I am talking about Forbidden Donut’s foie gras and chocolate dipped donut topped off with that luxurious gold leaf *twinkle.* This isn’t the donut for everything but again this sweet and savory mashup was mixing so many components that I like individually: foie gras, donuts, and chocolate- all in one bite? Oh boy, this donut is decadent, over the top, and just the right size. Can I eat all of my foie gras like this?


I could gush over this donuts for hours. I think have an unusual love for foie gras and it excited me so much to see this on a donut. Foie is a very fatty, a little of this mousse really goes a long way. I appreciate the size of the mini donut and really enjoyed how the chocolate complimented it so well. Find this only on Sundays in Chelsea Market.

These donuts are such a fun play on sweet and savory. I’m glad the savory came out on top today and glad that chefs/bakers are thinking outside of just the bacon and maple syrupcombo that has been around for a few years. Can’t wait to see what next, let me know if I missed any other great savory donuts in the comments.

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