Trend: As Black As my Soul

It seems like all if the rainbows and unicorns has brought out the inner darkness in chefs. More and more I am seeing black lattes, ice cream, and donuts all over the city. Most of these items get their hue from activated charcoal or coconut ash. Charcoal in particular has risen in popularity because it is believed to have detoxifying properties. There is also toothpaste to make your pearly whites even more white and face masks to brighten you up.

1. Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream- Morgenstern’s finest Ice (Map)

I can always go for a scoop of ice cream or two even in the dead of winter. I have been deterred in the past from going to Morgenstern’s because of the wait but in February when I got this there was no line. I paired the black coconut ash ice cream with a matcha pistachio scoop. Both were subtle in flavor, I found the coconut ash ice cream didn’t have much going on. The base of their ice cream is great and creamy but if you are looking for deep and rich flavor this is not where you are going yo find it.

Overall, the coconut ash ice cream seems like a novelty but it does make for a striking photo.

2. Charcoal lemon juice- Pressed Juicery, multiple locations (Map)

Cold pressed juice is not just a fad for your latest diet, juice cleanse, or detox anymore. Many are turning to juices instead of caffeine. While Pressed Juicery offers juice cleanses you can enjoy one of these bottles is on their own. Activated charcoal doesn’t have a strong taste so the refreshingness of the lemon lavender really comes out.

Would go for another or try other juices if I was looking for something more exciting than water to quench my thirst.

3. Black Matte Latte- Round K (Map)

This is not your ordinary latte or frappachino. Round K’s black matte latte is in a league of its own. Similarly getting its black hue from activated charcoal, but it’s soft peaks from egg whites. This delicious drink, enjoyed behind a curtain in a narrow brick Korean Coffee house, is an experience. And it helps that it tastes like deep chocolate mocha on ice.

I would recommend trying it, although I’m not sure if I am going to be brave enough to try the wasabi version next time.

4. Triple Black Donut- Supermoon Bakehouse (Map)

From the bakery that brought us the cruffin (croissant & muffin) comes the New York outpost Supermoon Bakehouse. The lines are just as crazy and I still haven’t gotten my hands on a cruffin. I was able to get one of their donuts and a croissant. The triple black donut gets its name from the squid ink brioche donut, black sesame cream, and activated charcoal meringue.

I love a good brioche donut, the combo was a little out there. Glad they kept it on the sweeter side because I don’t think savory would work.

I’m still a fan of the rainbow craze, but the black (mainly activated charcoal) phase is in full force. It is striking visually and I like to see how restaurants are getting creative with it. Let me know where else I should check out for a black treat in the comments.

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