Trend: Not Your Ordinary Hot Chocolate

It is December 13th and that means It is National Hot Chocolate Day!! Yes, there really is a food holiday for everything, but I’m not complaining. When it is cold outside sometimes you just need a comforting cup of hot cocoa. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

1. The City Bakery- Union Square (Map)

Now this is a decadent cup of hot chocolate! Let me tell you, the homemade marshmallow is totally worth the extra $2. This a no fuss, no option hot chocolate but it is a can’t miss at City Bakery along with their pretzel croissants and chocolate chip cookie.

The homemade marshmallow is everything, don’t miss out.

2. MarieBelle- SOHO (Map)

I happened to stumble upon this place will walking around SOHO. It looks truly magical inside and smells of chocolate in every corner. I did not try their cafe but let me tell you I wanted to buy lots of chocolate in that environment. After trying their hazelnut hot cocoa I liked it so much I bought a bag of the mix for my mom. I need to get back there to try their other flavors!

A little piece of chocolate heaven heated up and for on the go.

3. The Dessert Kitchen- East Village (Map)

This little guy was a part of a DIY hot chocolate serving at Dessert Kitchen. They give you warm milk, chocolate coins, a spoon, and this little marshmallow bear. A Fun experience and plopping the bear in is the best part!

Such a cute preparation!

4. Dulcinea- currently in Bryant Park Winter Village

This Smores hot chocolate is so good it has made two of my lists! Absolutely in love with the Mexican hot chocolate Here!

They definitely don’t skimp on the marshmallows.

Most coffee shops and bakeries have a hot chocolate on the menu. But when they put a little extra effort, it positively makes a difference in my opinion. Let me know your favorite hot cocoa spots in the comments.

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