Trend: It’s Hot and It’s Cold

When you think of combos for hot and cold don’t seem like the match made in heaven because it usually involves the cold portion melting… very quickly. And that was my experience for most of the items on this list. Even though it is cold outside that isn’t stopping most from indulging in ice cream, but the addition of churros is something fairly new. Churros are deep fried dough typically dusted with the divine combo of cinnamon and sugar and everything nice. Hot fried dough and ice cream… not logical but delicious!

1. Churro ice cream sandwich- Dulcinea currently in Bryant Park’s Winter Village (Map)

This may be the most tragic looking one on this list because I had NO IDEA how quickly this sweet treat would become ice cream soup. Dulcinea has amazing churros and dipping sauces year round, but they decided to change up the shape to little circles which make up the perfect bun for this ice cream sandwich. I went Elvis with this banana, peanut butter, caramel ice cream and fudge. I unfortunately did not get to enjoy the ice cream in frozen form.

2. S’mores ice cream with churro cone- Chikalicous(Map)

This beauty was standing upright for less than 5 min. (I suggest you ask for a bowl) They warm up the churro cone, fill it with soft serve, top it with Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce, and toasted to order marshmallow fluff. A winning combo for s’more ice cream but yet again churros as vehicle was a poor choice. The cone was too warm, and an avalanche of melty ice cream was inevitable.

3. Soft serve with churros- Sweet Churros with COFFEED (Map)

The simplest and most practical churros ice cream combo. Sweet Churro leaves the churros in the original long from and creates a loop. Being able to dip and enjoy your churros at your leisure is so much more enjoyable! And that Matcha vanilla swirl is a winner!

I think I have learned my lesson trying to eat this hot and cold trend but my love ice cream and churros has not waivered. Let me know other great churros spots in the comments.

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