2018 Food Trend Predictions

We are already a more than a month in but if 2017 was any indication of how restaurants are drumming up buzz for their establishments, 2018 will be another year of epic, over the top dishes.

Reinventing the Classics

Supersize, over the top classics like giant pizza slices and massive cheeseburgers are sticking around. But 2018 will bring even more combos. There already is burger pizzas at Krave It and the pizza burger at Flip n Toss. So what is next Taco pizza and burger burritos? Pizza burrito or burger taco, the possibilities are endless.

Rose is the new Matcha

Rose tea lattes will be filling your feeds shortly. Millennial pink is sliding into our mugs for with this floral tea. It has already invaded Asia and if you are a tea lover you have noticed the little rose bud option on the menu already like this one at Grace Street.

Fruits on Fruits

What is the best way to eat a fruit? In the shell it came from… But in smoothie or soft serve form. The Acia and smoothie bowls are upping the anti and now being served in fruit itself like at Loco Coco. Dominique Ansel caught on this summer with his version of watermelon soft serve in a watermelon slice or Chikarashi is serving dole whip in mini pineapples. And Even the Italians are in on this serving their sorbet in lemons.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Fruits & Veggies

Because apparently we can’t only eat fruits and veggies in their natural form they have to be transformed into epic desserts that look like their former selves. Spot Dessert bar has done this to corn and the tangerine so far. There is an Insider Video if Le Bernadin’s apple creation. And Jungsik is now serving a dessert tasting that has the cutest Baby Banana.

No More Coffee Mug

And now we can’t drink our coffee the same either. Places are ditching the coffee cup for things like ice cream cones at Blue Stone Lane and avocado peels in Australia. I am a fan of latte art but this is taking it to a whole new level and it makes it 10 times harder to drink.

Savory Sweets, yes please!

Sweet and salty is a great combo and savory desserts are here to stay. I am loving how New York restaurants are collaborating to create these fun combos like the Clinton Hall x Sugar Factory donut grilled cheese. And this weekend Doughnut Project x Ivan Ramen have created a ramen donut. Possibly the most bizarre combination I have tried is Big Gay Ice Cream x Cheetos for a Cheetos dust covered soft serve. I don’t know how they did it but it works!

Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

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