Trend: Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings

Dumplings a.k.a. pockets full of joy when done correctly are a staple in many cuisines around the world. I personally think of the typical Chinese dim sum experience, but even within Chinese food you have your pot stickers, your har gow (shrimp dumpling, xiao long bao (soup dumpling), and then you have wontons in soup. And then there is the Italian pasta version the ravioli … Continue reading Trend: Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings

2018 Food Trend Predictions

We are already a more than a month in but if 2017 was any indication of how restaurants are drumming up buzz for their establishments, 2018 will be another year of epic, over the top dishes. Reinventing the Classics Supersize, over the top classics like giant pizza slices and massive cheeseburgers are sticking around. But 2018 will bring even more combos. There already is burger … Continue reading 2018 Food Trend Predictions

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Trend: Savory Donuts are A Thing

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Homer Simpson stuffing his face with pink iced donuts with sprinkles is what comes to mind when I think of a donut. But now that I am back in the NYC area, I am noticing this sweet donut isn’t the only kind around. There are stuffed donuts, cake donuts, yeast donuts, donut ice cream sandwiches and the list goes on. … Continue reading Trend: Savory Donuts are A Thing

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Trend: Brunch Pizzas?

Brunch is the quintessential meal/event of a New York  weekend. And Pizza is an Italian favorite that can be eaten breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What do you get when you mix the two? Awesome breakfast favorites and light seasonal ingredients shining through sans the red tomato sauce. 1. Industry Kitchen: Smoked Salmon Pizza- South Street Seaport(Map) When I think of Industry Kitchen I immediately picture … Continue reading Trend: Brunch Pizzas?

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Trend: Morphing Sushi Shapes

I love sushi and would eat it multiple times a week if it wouldn’t complete break the bank trying to do so. Sushi rolls have evolved over the years and graduated from just eel and cucumber to Dragon Rolls with 6 other ingredients and sauces. And now not only can get these fancy rolls but they come in different and fun shapes! Parody to American … Continue reading Trend: Morphing Sushi Shapes

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Trend: Unorthodox Taco Shells

Tacos are typically just a cheap quick meal when you are craving Mexican food. Not in New York, your options are no longer just soft or hard shell, corn or flour tortilla, chicken or beef. There are new vehicles in town for our beloved tacos and they are getting some Asian influence. 1. Los Tacos No. 1: Cheese Taco Shell- Chelsea Market, Chelsea (Map) While … Continue reading Trend: Unorthodox Taco Shells